It’s the Internets! (11/30/09)

30 Nov

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Thanksgiving has passed so now everyone can finally get into the holiday spirit. Well, since it is the season for giving, let us give you some things to look at, straight from the Internets:

  • Suffering from body pains? Well, drinking a cup of mint tea is an effective painkiller
  • Feeling like singing along with some of your favorite Disney songs? Well, look no further Disney enthusiasts
  • I’m sure everyone’s heard of the couple that snuck into the US State Dinner. But just in case, take notes aspiring con-artists!
  • Bolivian police sure know how to draw!
  • Ball Tapping – A problem among today’s youth. Well, at least it isn’t drugs.
  • And finally, Asleep On the Subway is so entertaining, it makes you want to pass out from all of the fun – just make sure it’s not on a subway, ok?

If you found something on the internet and would like to share it, put it on the comments below and we’ll put it up. Until next time! Later gators!


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