NFL 2009: Week 12 Predictions

26 Nov

Alright last week’s Kibizters picks resulted in a tie. Both Gen and Greg had 10 picks correct and 6 incorrect. Andrew was the odd man out with only 9 correct picks but claims a moral victory by almost predicting the Dallas/Redskins game to a T, until SOMEONE HAD TO GO AND MISS TWO FIELD GOALS!!!! YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE!!!! GOD!

Anyway hoi polloi, it’s time to bet the house because the Kibizters aren’t going to lead you astray.

Thursday Nov. 26, 12:30 PM:

Green Bay Packers AT Detroit Lions – The Packers just lost two superstars in cornerback Al Harris and linebacker Aaron Kampman to season-ending knee surgery. Not to give themselves too much of an advantage, quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson are sitting out another practice due to their own ailments.

Andrew’s pick – Green Bay Packers. The Detroit Lions just made Brady Quinn look like a real quarterback, throwing for 304 yards and four touchdowns. Aaron Rodgers IS a real quarterback, so expect the same or better from him.

Greg’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. Stafford is out – enough said.

Gen’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. Even though the Detroit Lions are coming off of a win (oh boy), and a regular team could take that momentum and push for another, the Lions are without their rookie quarterback and well, they’re just not very good. Then again, Lions did win in 2003 over Green Bay (22-14). REPEAT?!

*Update: ESPN just announced that Stafford WILL be starting today.

Thursday Nov. 26, 4:15 PM:

Oakland Raiders AT Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboy’s prolific offense has only two touchdowns in the past two games while the Raiders mixed it up at GB last week and pulled a win out of their ass against the Bengals.

Andrew’s pick – Dallas Cowboys. Dallas should be able to thoroughly establish the run against the Raiders which will allow for some play action deep passes. People will start jabbering about Miles Austin again while Roy Williams (WR) fades further into the background.

Greg’s Pick – Dallas Cowboys. Possibly a trap game for Dallas, but after the last two weeks without an offense, the ‘boys show up big.

Gen’s Pick – hmm…uhh….Oakland Raiders. Oof. If Dallas puts on the same performance as last week and Oakland repeats what it did to the Eagles, then well – I’m right. But if these two teams decide to play the way they usually do, well then nevermind!

Thursday Nov. 26, 8:20 PM:

New York Giants AT Denver Broncos – Both teams know what it’s like to feel four losses in a row this season. The Giants have slowed the bleed with a win in over time last week whereas the Broncos have started to point fingers internally.

Andrew’s pick – New York Giants. Internal strife can make or break a coach and rookie coach Josh McDaniels seems like he stopped coaching after the bye week. Since then, Denver has been out-scored 117 to 37 and they’re facing another tough (although injured) defense with the Giants.

Greg’s Pick – New York Giants. I like seeing both of these two teams lose a lot, but will Denver ever be able to get out of this tailspin?

Gen’s Pick – Denver Broncos. I’m putting my trust in Denver’s explosive wide-receivers against the, sometimes, easily punk’d Giants’ secondary.

Sunday Nov. 29, 1:00 PM:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons are 12th in the league in terms of rushing yards. The Buccaneers are last in rushing defense but are looking to improve that stat by having head coach Raheem Morris call the defensive plays and changing back to Tampa Two defense (I wonder why they call it that……).

Andrew’s pick – Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are healthy and piiisssssedd after losing in overtime. Josh Freeman will still give the Bucs something to cheer about, but again will come up short.

Greg’s Pick – Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan against a weak defense will lead to a rout.

Gen’s Pick – Atlanta Falcons. I think Atlanta will try harder to bounce back from a weak couple of weeks.

Miami Dolphins AT Buffalo Bills – The Dolphins blew up the Bills the first time around in week four. The Bills lead the AFC in interceptions with 17 but the only thing that matters in this game is stopping Miami’s fourth ranked running offense, and the Bills are 21st in the league.

Andrew’s pick – Miami Dolphins. I picked against Miami once before and got burned, plus I think the Bills have bigger things on their minds. If you have TO in fantasy football though I’d start him. He’s going to keep this game close by tearing through the Miami secondary.

Greg’s Pick – Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins make the trek up north, I still think the loss of Ronnie Brown will come back to hurt them – this is the week.

Gen’s Pick – Buffalo Bills. I think TO will continue his recent success on the field this Sunday.

Cleveland Browns AT Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals overlooked the Raiders last week and got stabbed in the heart by one of those weird raiders nation guys. Brady Quinn started his 10th game in three years and had a career day with a passer rating of 133.1%, 304 yards, and four touchdowns. Maybe he had some help?

Andrew’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. Last week was a fluke, let this ship right itself and move on.

Greg’s Pick – Cleveland Browns. Call me crazy, but I liked the way Quinn played last week (even if it was against the Lions). He’ll pull out a low scoring squeaker.

Gen’s Pick – Cincinnati Bengals. Quinn had a great game last week, yes, but that was against the Lions. I don’t think the Browns will be able to repeat their “success” against Cincinnati.

Seattle Seahawks AT St. Louis Rams – In week one the Seahawks blew the Rams out of the water 28 – 0. Both teams are chalk full of injuries but the Rams might have it the worst with Bulger being replaced by Kyle Boller after Bulger broke his leg.

Andrew’s pick – Seattle Seahawks. Even though Steven Jackson will run around like the predator, if this game gets close the Rams will need a QB and they just don’t have one right now.

Greg’s Pick – Seattle Seahawks. The Rams are just bad. There is such a disparity in this league of good and awful quarterbacks, the Seahawks have the latter.

Gen’s Pick – Seattle Seahawks. The Rams won’t do anything this game again despite the best efforts of Steven Jackson (or the Predator, as Andrew put him).

Carolina Panthers AT New York Jets – Both quarterbacks have trouble throwing the ball to their own team and each have lost three fumbles. Luckily, both teams can run the ball.

Andrew picks – New York Jets. The catch here is that the Panthers can’t stop the run and the Jets can, kind of.

Greg’s Pick – Carolina Panthers. Sanchez will once again throw interceptions, even though he only throws about 20-25 pass attempts per game.

Gen’s Pick – New York Jets. Inside sources have said that Rex Ryans has threatened to eat everyone’s children if the Jet’s don’t pull a win. Realistically, you can’t rely on just running the ball. Let’s hope Sanchez can go back to eating hotdogs during games.

Washington Redskins AT Philadelphia Eagles – The first half of the first game the Eagles embarrassed the Redskins on all fronts. The second half the Redskins showed some life before falling flat again. The only thing that has changed since then is that the Redskins have lost several key players.

Andrew picks – Philadelphia Eagles. The Redskins have had problems finishing games for the past two years and with Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, Chris Samuels, Ledell Betts, Randy Thomas, and Chad Rhinehart out with injuries, the offense is full of holes. Even Colt Brennan is injured! When did that happen!?

Greg’s Pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Remember the first time these two met? Look for a repeat. If Andrew is even picking the Eagles, this cannot be good news for the Redskins.

Gen’s Pick – Philadelphia Eagles. There’s a fine line between supporting your team and looking like a fool. I have to be realistic here and predict that the Eagles will run all over the ‘skins.

Indianapolis Colts AT Houston Texans – The Colts have gone 10-0 by being nearly perfect on offense and allowing the leagues lowest points per game on defense. The Texans would like to not miss the field goal that would tie the game this time around.

Andrew picks – Indianapolis Colts. I keep waiting for the Colts to over look a team and lose an easy win, but it won’t be this game.

Greg’s Pick – Houston Texans. This is the game Houston has been waiting for. They have everything in place and aren’t a cakewalk anymore. The Colts have been getting closer and closer to losing – this is the week it happens. Bye perfect season!

Gen’s Pick – Indianapolis Colts. They have great weapons on the field, but enough with these close games!

Sunday Nov. 29, 4:05 PM:

Kansas City Chiefs AT San Diego Chargers – San Diego took charge (get it) of the AFC West after beating down the Broncos. The Chiefs surprised everyone with a come-from-behind-reach-around-rinky-dink-….wait what? The Chiefs beat the Steelers in OT is what I’m driving at…

Andrew picks – San Diego Chargers. The Chargers do this every year it seems like. Start slow, win their division, and then burn out in the playoffs. Last time the Chiefs just rolled over and played dead and I don’t expect anything different this time around.

Greg’s Pick – San Diego Chargers. I really hate this team, there is literally no one on the team who is likable at all. But sadly they are the better team against the Chiefs.

Gen’s Pick – San Diego Chargers. I haven’t heard of anything the Chiefs have done this year that’ll make me think that they’ll have a chance against a team that has continually been to the playoffs.

Jacksonville Jaguars AT San Francisco 49ers – Jacksonville ranks 6th in the league in rushing yards and the 49ers rank 6th in the league in rushing yards allowed.

Andrew picks – San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers lackluster offense will match up well against the soft Jacksonville defense. I think this will be a good game for Alex Smith as he continues to try and prove that he was worth that number one pick for the 49ers. (He wasn’t).

Greg’s Pick – San Francisco 49ers. Singletary claims his team is good, well go out there and prove it! They won’t this week, they’ll barely get by a mediocre team in the Jaguars.

Gen’s Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars. Singletary won’t be able to rally his troops the way he did the end of last season. Let’s just hope the Jags don’t start slacking halfway through the game, the way they usually do.

Sunday Nov. 29, 4:15 PM:

Chicago Bears AT Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings 3rd ranked rush defense will put the ball primarily in Jay Cutler’s hands. Although considered to be, and certainly paid to be, the franchise quarterback, it seems that Jay Cutler is actually trying to challenge George Blanda for the single season interception record.

Andrew picks – Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are probably one of the most complete teams in the NFL. Given all their options on offense, it would take a long series of mental mistakes for them to lose to the Bears.

Greg’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings. I almost want to pick the Bears thinking Cutler might have another 5 TD game. But the Vikings are just too good to pick against.

Gen’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota has too much going for them. They’ll take this game no problem.

Arizona Cardinals AT Tennessee Titans – The Superbowl that could have been. The Titan’s defense is 31st in the league at stopping the pass but Vince Young is looking like the pro bowl, rookie of the year, quarterback he once was by leading the Titans to four straight wins. Or maybe they just have the league’s best rushing attack….

Andrew picks – Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals should be able to put enough points on the board to stay ahead of Chris Johnson. BTW he has 1,242 rushing yards right now, good lord son!

Greg’s Pick – Tennessee Titans. A few key turnovers by the Cardinals will be the story of this game.

Gen’s Pick – Arizona Cardinals. I just went on and they’re reporting Kurt Warner has an “injured head”. I had to laugh at that. Not that I think concussions or head injuries are funny, I just like to think he has a headache. Either way, Warner is a better quarterback than Young. Should be a decent game to watch, but Arizona will win.

Sunday Nov. 29, 8:20 PM:

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Baltimore Ravens – Both teams need this win to keep their AFC playoff wildcard spot alive. Statically the Steelers are the better team but have lost games due to a myriad of injuries.

Andrew’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. Big Ben took a hard knee to the head this past Sunday in their second consecutive loss to the Chiefs in over time. The Steelers expect to play him on Sunday, but I don’t think that will help him throw the ball any faster.

Greg’s Pick – Baltimore Ravens. Big Ben is just a moron, throw the ball and stop scrambling as if you’re fast. He’ll get another concussion today and be out til playoffs. Ravens stomp out the Steelers.

Gen’s Pick – Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers lost to the Chiefs. The Chiefs. His injury last game probably helped Rothlishamburger remember the time when he crashed his motorcycle and felt like a meat patty on the road (too soon?). Expect to watch Ray Lewis remind Big Ben about his accident again this Sunday. Boom goes the dynamite.

*Update: ESPN just announced that Ben Roethlisberger WILL NOT be playing At the Ravens.

Monday Nov. 30, 8:30 PM:

New England Patriots AT New Orleans Saints – The Saints are 1st in the league for total offensive yards and points scored. The Patriots are 2nd in the league for total offensive yards and 3rd for points scored. Wow-wa-we-wah this is going to be a crazy game of football!

Andrew’s pick – New England Patriots. This game could go either way. To be honest, I’m just excited for it. I will gladly take a loss if the Saints win.

Greg’s Pick – New England Patriots. They are finally clicking; running on all cylinders; a seemingly unstoppable force (in the first half). While the Saints are an amazing team, I don’t see them stopping this offense. This is the Saints final test, the rest of their schedule is extremely easy (cough NFC sucks cough). Expect Belichick to pull out all the stops and play spoiler to New Orleans perfect season run.

Gen’s Pick – New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees and Tom Brady have similar QB stats, with Brady throwing about 300 more yards than Brees, but Brees throwing two more TD’s than Brady. Both teams are, undoubtedly, good teams. But I think the Saints’ drive to go perfect this season will help them win this game. Either way, this game will be good. I hope it’ll be as good as the Pats/Colts one.


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