Molotov Cocktails Thrown from Van in Middle of DC

24 Nov

In a wild story with information still coming in, Kibitzers has gained info from different sources within Washington, DC confirming a man parked his white van in the middle of 17th and K NW DC and threw Molotov cocktails into the street. It is still unsure as to why he did this. His van read “Not my $200 Million” – clearly a political statement, but unsure who it is directed at. Crazy people from DC.

You can still check in on the live webcam from 17th and K where the van sat for about 30-40 minutes before officers closed in. DC fire and EMS reported via their twitter that the van had a suspicious package inside of it – however it turned out to be nothing. The man is now in custody and we will update you more as more info comes in. At this point no one has been reported injured and traffic is moving again.

UPDATE: is reporting their eyewitnesses never saw Molotov cocktails thrown (Via comment by “Sean”)

A coworker of mine was there for pretty much the entire incident, and he didn’t see any molotov cocktails. It was a relatively quiet “protest”. The guy wasn’t even yelling, just standing and holding his sign. This was right up the street from my office.

Well that could be embarrassing for everyone! (loosens collar)…

But then another comment reads:

My office faces out at the intersection and there were indeed at least 2 molotov cocktails thrown. Also the cops did not “arrive on the scene quickly” it took atleast 10-15 minutes for any police to arrive.

WUSA still reports that 3 cocktails were thrown. We’ll keep you updated.


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