Jimmy Clausen Punched in the Eye

24 Nov

After another tough loss to UConn, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have taken another hit, this one coming outside the watchful eyes of “Touchdown Jesus.” On Saturday night, Senior day at Notre Dame, star quarterback Jimmy Clausen went out to dinner with his family and “lady friend,” after leaving the bar, Clausen was involved in an “altercation” in which he was punched in the face.

Clausen suffered at least one black eye as a result of the punch, according to a source. South Bend police say that no reports were filed in this incident over the weekend.

Talk about embarrassing. With your family and your girl-friend and you are sucker punched by a crazed drunken fan (I assume).

The injury is not expected to keep Clausen from playing this weekend against Stanford. Clausen is having his best year with the Irish: 3,382 yard, 23 TDs, 4 INTs, and a passer rating of 156.45 – – now if only his team could win he could be a Heisman candidate.

Here’s Clausen’s reaction after the game – little did he know he was on his way to a black eye. It always pains me to see the Irish sing after a heartbreaking loss like this.


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