It’s the Internets! (11/24/09)

24 Nov

I have no idea where my boss is. I came late into work today expecting to see her, but so far – no sign of the elusive boss lady. So, after sitting here without actually doing work, I figured hey, why not look around thems internets? Looky what I found:

  • Rom Houben was trapped in a coma for 23 years. Let me say that again, HE WAS TRAPPED IN A COMA FOR 23 YEARS!!! Doctors, please step up your game.
  • I can’t believe rolling a snowball down a hill actually works
  • Zomg these people are so tan and so hot!!! Try not to vomit
  • NERD ALERT!: Star Wars Facebook Updates!
  • Find out what your favorite Thanksgiving food says about you
  • And finally, Paula Deen is hit by a flying ham. That sentence makes me laugh

Well that covers it for today’s edition. If you have anything awesome or hilarious to share, please leave it on the comments below and we’ll put it up! Until next time!


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