It’s the Internets! (11/20/2009)

20 Nov

Wheeelllp…it’s Friday and I’m hoping everyone has awesome plans coming up this weekend. But before you go anywhere, check out some of these things from thems interwebs.

  • 11 Dirty TV Moments That Got Past Censors (The Animaniacs one is the best in my opinion. See how long it takes you to find out what the joke is)
  • Let’s get one thing straight, the Japanese aren’t weird – they’re artistic.
  • The best and worst ice-cream in ‘Merica? (Yahoo)
  • Beardless Pop Icon characters WITH BEARDS!
  • No surprise that New Moon is setting records
  • And finally, an exclusive Featurette of James Cameron’s Avatar (Rotten Tomatoes)

And that does it for today’s, and this week’s, It’s the Internets! Found something awesome or hilarious? Let us know by leaving it on the comments space below. Have a great weekend everybody! Love, peas, and chicken Greece!


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