NFL 2009: Week 11 Predictions

19 Nov

Here to encourage all forms of legal and illegal gambling are the Kibitzers predictions for week 11:

Thursday Nov. 19,  8:20 p.m:

Miami Dolphins AT Carolina Panthers – Both teams have rushing offenses that rank in the top 5, but Miami’s rush defense is ranked 7th whereas the Panthers rush defense is ranked 25th.

Andrew’s pick – Carolina Panthers. Ronnie Brown might be out for the season and Jake Delhomme hasn’t turn the ball over in two whole games!

Greg’s pick – Carolina Panthers. In a close game, Delhomme will turn the ball over, but the 1-2 punch of Williams and Stewart is too much to keep up with.

Gen’s pick – Carolina Panthers. I also agree that it’ll be a close game. If they keep to short passes for Delhomme, so that he won’t get picked off (fingers crossed for three games without turnovers) and let Williams run like a madman, they can get this.

Sunday Nov. 22nd, 1:00 p.m:

Indianapolis Colts AT Baltimore Ravens – The Colts offense verse the Ravens defense. This game will be exciting.

Andrew’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are coming off a short week…but they shut out the Browns so it’s not like they’re going to be that tired. The Colts may be too exhausted from the Patriot’s game to continue narrowly escaping their first loss.

Greg’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. They might be tired and coming from a rough game with the Pats, but Manning will pick apart the corners.

Gen’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. What a game against the Pat, right? But I think because of such a close game, the Colts will step it up this game to keep their undefeated streak alive. The o-line just needs to keep Manning safe.

Washington Redskins AT Dallas Cowboys – Dallas has the 6th best passing offense but will be going up against Washington’s number 1 ranked pass defense.

Andrew’s pick – Washington Redskins. The Cowboys are the big favorites in this, but IF the Redskins can stop the Cowboy’s run game we just might be in for another Green Bay game.

Greg’s pick – Dallas Cowboys. They won’t lose to the Redskins at home, plus Portis is out again.

Gen’s pick – Washington Redskins. As long as the Redskins defense can stop Barber and Austin, and if Cambell decides to not suck this Sunday and they establish a running game with Betts, they can pull of a win against their rivals.

Atlanta Falcons AT New York Giants – Giants are coming off their bye week but have lost four of their last five. The Falcons are out a bruising Pro Bowl running back with Michael Turner sidelined with a high ankle sprain.

Andrew’s pick – New York Giants.  The Giant’s overwhelming defense just might be too much for Atlanta’s sophomoric QB.

Greg’s pick – New York Giants. The struggling Giants play the struggling Falcons. A win could save both teams’ seasons.

Gen’s pick – New York Giants. Atlanta has been struggling recently and the Giants can exploit that.

New Orleans Saints AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Drew Brees is looking to take another chuck out of the 4,000 yard passing mark while the Buccaneers are looking for their second win.

Andrew’s pick – New Orleans Saints. Credit to Josh Freeman for trying to lift up the Bucs but the Saints won’t rehash the Rams nail-biter from last week.

Greg’s pick – New Orleans Saints. Was there any doubt in this pick?

Gen’s pick – TAMPA BAY! Just kidding, New Orleans Saints. C’MON!

San Fancisco 49ers AT Green Bay Packers – The Packers have a pretty solid team despite having a 5 and 4 record. The 49ers need this win if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Andrew’s pick – Green Bay Packers. Enough whining about not having Brett Farve already! Aaron Rodgers is putting up solid numbers despite being slammed into the ground every play. This kid is definitely the future, if he doesn’t die first.

Greg’s pick – Green Bay Packers. This pick I could go either way in, but since it’s in Lambeau, I’ll pick the Packers.

Gen’s pick – Green Pay Packers. 49’s have a good defense but, well, the game’s in Lambeau…and it’s cold. Think about that.

Buffalo Bills AT Jacksonville Jaguars – The Bills fired Dick Jauron on Tuesday and named Perry Fewell, Jauron’s defensive coordinator, the interim head coach.  While their defense has been playing average, I don’t think Fewell will be able to solve the Terrell Owens issues. But maybe someone can?

Andrew’s pick – Jacksonville Jaguars. Don’t throw near Jairus Byrd and give the ball to Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jaguars should have this one in the bag.

Greg’s pick – Jacksonville Jaguars. MJD will destroy the Bills lack of a run defense.

Gen’s pick – Jacksonville Jaguars. I got nothing for this and I don’t care about this game. But with a new head coach halfway through the season, things might not go so well.

Seattle Seahawks AT Minnesota Vikings –  The Vikings rushing offense has slipped to 10th and Seattle’s rush defense is 11th. This one could turn into a wild west shoot out!

Andrew’s pick – Minnesota Vikings.  Even though it’s almost that time of the season for Brett to start showing his age, I think he’ll be able to hold out while in the safety of the dome.

Greg’s pick – Minnesota Vikings. The Seahawks really don’t have anything going for me to have any confidence in them.

Gen’s pick – Minnesota Vikings. Favre and Peterson all day against the Seahawks.

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Kansas City Chiefs – The Steelers are statistically better in almost every way, but winning is contagious and the Chiefs won against their rival last week while the Steelers got swept against theirs.

Andrew’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chiefs rank 31st in sacks and 27th against the run. This should allow big Ben the time he needs to chuck it downfield to Santonio Holmes.

Greg’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. This could come down to the wire, with Big Ben continuing his streak of turnovers, but the Steelers defense is too swarming for the Chiefs offense.

Gen’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. If Pittsburgh’s o-line can keep their composure, Rothlishamgurger can pump fake all he wants and eventually just throw it down the field for one of his receivers to make a play so he can get credit for it.

Cleveland Browns AT Detroit Lions – One of these teams will double their win record.

Andrew’s pick – Detroit Lions.  The Redskins can’t be the only team to lose to the Lions over two seasons…right?

Greg’s pick – Cleveland Browns. This pick is pretty much closing your eyes and pointing, Quinn pulls out a squeaker.

Gen’s pick – Detroit Lions. This is like asking if you’d rather get shot in the right arm or the left arm. It sucks either way. But I’m going to pick the Lions simply because of what Andrew said.

Sunday Nov. 22nd, 4:05 p.m:

Arizona Cardinals AT St. Louis Rams – The Rams almost stopped the high-powered offense of the Saints in their tracks but Kurt Warner has thrown for seven touchdowns in the past two games.

Andrew’s pick – Arizona Cardinals. The Rams are averaging just 11.1 points per game, which is 30th in the NFL. Even when Kurt Warner throws five interceptions the Cardinals still put up 21 points.

Greg’s pick – Arizona Cardinals. The “two-face” Cardinals will show up with their offense and destroy the Rams.

Gen’s pick – Arizona Cardinals. Just make sure Fitzgerald’s open all the time.

Sunday Nov. 22nd, 4:15 p.m:

San Diego Chargers AT Denver Broncos – The Broncos would like to get the bitter taste of an embarrassing defeat out of their mouth and reclaim the top of the AFC west. Chargers are trying to keep a good thing going and win their fifth in a row.

Andrew’s pick – San Diego Chargers. If Chris Simms plays the Broncos are F-ed.

Greg’s pick – Denver Broncos. I still don’t believe in either of these teams, however with home field advantage and understanding this game will result in the AFC West title, Broncos will step it up and win.

Gen’s pick – San Diego Chargers. I think the Broncos will put up a fight but will eventually choke the way they did in Washington.

New York Jets AT New England Patriots – The Jets have won against the Patriots once this year but since then the Jets have fallen to mediocrity while the Patriots started doing what they always do – win.

Andrew’s pick – New England Patriots. The Jets should be shitting their pants right now. The Pats will be looking for blood after losing to the Colts.

Greg’s pick – New England Patriots. Exactly what Andrew said. Pats will cover the spread.

Gen’s pick – New York Jets. Call me an idiot or, better yet, an idiot, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that their first win wasn’t a fluke. I really shouldn’t drink so early in the morning…

Cincinnati Bengals AT Oakland Raiders – Cedric Benson is on the sidelines for the Bengals, thanks to Troy Polumalu, while Darren McFadden is returning to the Raiders. Just in case the running game was the reason behind the Bengals success in the AFC north they signed Larry Johnson who is pretty familiar with the Raiders.

Andrew’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. I was pretty sure it was a fluke that the Bengals beat the Steelers, but twice? Either way,  the Bengals shouldn’t have a problem with the Raiders.

Greg’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. It appears that the Bengals are for real now. And the Raiders are the Raiders.

Gen’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. Al Davis can summon the powers of Castle Grayskull all he wants, but that won’t stop Ochocinco and the Bengals from scoring.

Sunday Nov. 22nd, 8:20 p.m:

Philadelphia Eagles AT Chicago Bears – Both teams have struggled to stay competitive in divisions that they could have topped. The Bears have lost 4 of their last 5 and Jay Cutler can’t seem to stop throwing interceptions. Luckily for the Bear’s run defense, Brian Westbrook should be sitting on the sidelines for this week.

Andrew’s pick –  Chicago Bears. The Eagles should win, but both teams have the tendency to perform either amazingly well or horribly. If both teams can’t get their offense going, this could turn into one sloppy game.

Greg’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Why is this game on Sunday night (sigh). McNabb will have a big game and carry the Eagles past the struggling Bears.

Gen’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Cutler’s inexperience and McNabb’s experience will show Sunday night.

Monday Nov. 23nd, 8:30 p.m:

Tennessee Titans AT Houstan Texans – Vince Young and Chris Johnson have revamped the Titans offense but the Texans are coming off their late bye-week and have had plenty of time to prepare.

Andrew’s pick – Houstan Texans. The Titans are slated to win by a margin of 4 1/2 points. During the Titan’s three game winning streak people seem to have forgotten that the Texans still have a decent quarterback (sixth-rated passer with five 300-yard games) and Andre Johnson. I say look for the Texans to ruin Vince Young’s parade.

Greg’s pick – Houston Texans. Stop Chris Johnson, you stop the Titans, Young can’t carry them.

Gen’s pick – Houston Texans. Remember last season when this match-up would be considered laughable? Yeah, not so much this year.


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  1. Ghudson November 22, 2009 at 9:24 pm #

    Gen’s pick – New York Jets. Call me an idiot or, better yet, an idiot, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that their first win wasn’t a fluke. I really shouldn’t drink so early in the morning…


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