An Irish-Man’s Fury at Thierry Henry

19 Nov

About a week ago, “documents” came to my attention showing the dialogue between the French and Irish consulates in preparation for the France-Ireland soccer (futbol) match. With a lot of Irish blood running in my family’s veins, this made me proud to mock French President Sarkozy’s height (even if these might be fake, which they probably are).

Well it turns out the the Irish did not give the French a “good hammering” in Dublin, instead lost 1-0 in the first of two matches. The second was played in Paris, and will go down as one of the most controversial games in Irish history.

With the game 1-0 Ireland (tied 1-1 aggregate), it went to extra time, where on a ball about to go out of bounds, French soccer star Thierry Henry knocked the ball with his hand to keep it in, tapped it with his foot, and Gallas knocked it through – – while every single Irish player stood with their hand up in the air begging for the handball.

The handball call did not come however. Henry’s hand had knocked the Irish out of the World Cup. With the game tied 1-1, the French held the aggregate score, and thus won 2-1.

(Ed. Note – the French announcer is saying “You have to be honest, the Irish got this game stolen from them.”)

As a soccer fan, I wasn’t too shocked at the handball, it happens in soccer quite often, however about 85% of the time, it is caught by the referee. Yet in the case of Swedish referee Martin Hansson, he didn’t. Hannson is the same ref who also missed Brazil’s shot crossing line v USA in Confederation Cup final (not that I’m complaining about that one). Once again, calls for more referees and video replay have sprung up on the internet. What I was shocked at most was Henry’s admittance of the handball, AND I QUOTE!

“I will be honest, it was a handball. But I’m not the ref. I played it, the ref allowed it. That’s a question you should ask him.”

Fair play right? Henry has apologized and hoped that he didn’t hurt anyone (thanks). I think it’s safe to say that every ref will never give Henry a call again though. FIFA has already denied Ireland’s request to replay the match on French soil; FIFA cites Law 5.

So does this mean that as a true Irish patriot, I must burn my Henry jersey?

UPDATE: Former Irish soccer star Roy Keane tells Ireland to stop whining and get over it.

UPDATE 2: Thierry Henry has said a replay would be the fairest solution.

“Of course the fairest solution would be to replay the game but it is not in my control.”


One Response to “An Irish-Man’s Fury at Thierry Henry”

  1. Amin November 20, 2009 at 8:39 am #

    hahahaha update: get over it!

    i was in ireland for the last world cup, and since they didn’t make it, some pubs around the country were doing ad campaigns to give them other countries to root for. my favorite was Cote D’Ivoire, because the flag is the same color, but the stripes are in the opposite order. I like to think of that as one of many things that the Irish and Ivoriens share.

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