EXCLUSIVE: Al Groh Fired as UVA Head Coach

18 Nov

In our first sports related post, we have obtained exclusive insider information that head football coach Al Groh at the University of Virginia has been fired.

From a source who wishes to remain anonymous, information has been passed down from a chief donor at UVA. The donor claims Groh has already been in fact fired, however they are keeping him aboard until the end of the season as they begin their replacement coach search. The source also claims Groh already knows he is fired.

This really comes as no surprise as rumblings of Groh being fired have been swirling since last year when UVA declined to add an extra year to his contract. Groh has never been consistent enough to live up to his expectations coming into UVA football (former Parcells apprentice), this year he is 3-7 (2-4 ACC), losing 4 straight games. Which have led to a drop in donations, season-ticket sales and attendance. His best season came in 2007, going 9-4.  Over Groh’s career at UVA, he is 56-44, going 34-30 against (the weak) ACC competition. And it only seems just like yesterday everyone was so excited for his contract extension.

Now it is unclear as to why Groh would stay if he already knew he was fired. Perhaps he believes if he finishes the season out, it will look better for his next job. ACC Sports Journal seems to believe that he will be fired (obviously), but it will be no later than November 30. But if it doesn’t happen ’til the end of the season, you heard it here first!

Special thanks to our UVA source.

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One Response to “EXCLUSIVE: Al Groh Fired as UVA Head Coach”

  1. Clare November 18, 2009 at 12:11 pm #

    um, excuuuussseee me?! how come I wasn’t in the loop about this lovely little blog?! Fabulous! Love love love it… and I love your layout as well 🙂

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