It’s the Internets! (11/17/2009)

17 Nov

Oh hello! It’s a pretty slow work day today (and by slow I mean I don’t want to work). So, much like an elderly person using a revolving door, I find myself lost in the interwebs. And unlike that douche Magellan, who decided to get killed instead of sharing his discoveries with the world, I will crack an egg of knowledge on you all.

  • “Black cards, black cars, all black everything.” I don’t think Jay-Z understands the concept of Black Friday
  • Leave it to beaver
  • Bugatti Veyron? More like Bug-OHDEARGOD!
  • Squeeler McSqueelerson wins something on the Today show (*squeels*)
  • The uncomfortable yet mildly amusing SNL Digital Short from this weekend.
  • There’s either a ninja or a carny on Modern Warfare 2. Either way I hope it’s this guy.
  • And finally, a Pair of Normal Activities, or Paranormal Activity (for all of the Siffly Stiffersons out there) is gross!

Now, not to toot our own horns here, but we here at Kibitzers have known about a Pair of Normal Activities since forever ago. So if you’re asking yourself, the way we here pretend you are asking, “Hey Kibitzers, where’s your charming and witty take on Paranormal Activity?” Our answer is simple, we pooped ourselves in fear. But since everyone already made a big deal about it, we’ll only be another cog in the system if we wrote one up. But if you still havn’t seen that movie, go see it. But it’ll never be as creepy as this (*shivers*).


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