Perusing the Internet! (just for you)

16 Nov

I figured since I am constantly getting either chats/emails sent my way or stumbling across random articles and videos, I should post them for my beloved followers! Well, here is your list today.

  • Where airplanes go to die: The Mojave Desert
  • Photo evidence of Spiderman being arrested.
  • A drunk man steals a giraffe, a lot.
  • The worst predictions of 2010: Newsweek
  • The full 35 min Assassin’s Creed lineage video: G4TV
  • Gaddafi tries to convert girls to Islam – but only the hot ones: BBC
  • Michigan Militia is growing, thanks to Call of Duty! CNN

And for all those who aren’t working today (cough cough Gen cough), practice your jerking!


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