“This Isn’t Your Father’s Moon” – NASA

13 Nov

3_63_lcross_plumeBreaking news out of NASA – word is they have found a “significant amount” of water on the moon. Now I’ve been listening to the press conference for about an hour now, and it seems that they don’t want to give too much away on it. They did say that when they impacted the Moon, they went much deeper than expected into the surface.

Now I hope you all remember about a month ago when NASA smashed two objects into the Moon to have debris blow up so NASA could see if water went up with the plume of impact or under the surface.


Now one can theorize that it wasn’t a giant chunk of ice, rather it could have been a lake or giant sea (of aliens!) He did say they were “surprised by the depth” that they reached. Then they decided to backtrack everything and point out that this could just be a comet landing there or just one spot alone with water.

Either way, this is huge news for us space nerds.

But what does it actually mean? Should we care? Well, yes.

First, space missions are very expensive. It costs roughly $450 million to send the shuttle into space every time. With water on the Moon, we could build a MoonBase, harvest the water, and then could use that as a base for all future NASA missions. These water supplies – if enough of it is present – could help with the pure water crisis on Earth: (via Wikipedia)

The UN World Water Development Report (WWDR, 2003) from the World Water Assessment Program indicates that, in the next 20 years, the quantity of water available to everyone is predicted to decrease by 30%.

So it turns out Vanessa Hudgens might just be able to see the future…hmm.

If you had the chance – would you go to the Moon for 1 year and help colonize it?


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