James Cameron Burns Money for Fun

11 Nov


In yet another story out of the world of the new James Cameron film Avatar, it appears that his movie will cost an upwards of $500 million, which is just an insane number to wrap your mind around.

According to the New York Times, published reports have put the production budget at more than $230 million – which if looking at the top five budgets in film, he’s at #3.

1  Spider-Man 3 $258,000,000      $890,871,626

2 Half Blood Prince $250,000,000      $934,308,237

3 Avatar $237,000,000       We’ll see…

4 Superman Returns $232,000,000       $391,120,000

5 Quantum of Solace $230,000,000       $576,368,427


10 Titanic $200,000,000       $1,848,813,795

Now Cameron is following the same track as he did with Titanic (buying out 5 minute trailer times on TV, 4 minute trailers in movies, even showing clips at select theaters around the country). However, I don’t see this making anywhere near the amount of money Titanic made. Avatar will not appeal to half the audience Titanic did. The amount of buzz he has built around this movie is incredible – so much buzz that it has cost around $150 million to market the film. So that brings it about $500 million to produce and market Avatar.

The NYT also reports:

In a further hedge, Mr. Cameron would give up part of his own participation in the film’s returns if production costs exceed a specified level, according to those who were briefed on the film. If final production costs exceeded $300 million, for instance, Mr. Cameron would effectively defer much of his payout until the studio and others were compensated, despite his years of labor on the movie.

What a guy that Cameron. Now I have seen the special 16 minutes of footage they released at select IMAX theaters in 3D – and it was in fact amazing what he has done. Since it’s in #dWe’ll keep tracking this story, in the meantime, do you plan on going to see it along with me the day it comes out (December 18)?

Oh yeah and Fox’s “secret weapon” just in case Avatar fails –  “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel,” opening the week after Avatar. If Alvin outdoes Avatar, I swear….


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