Let’s Kick This Off Here…

9 Nov

Well as the first post to our new blog, I first want to welcome you here, and if this link was not sent to you personally – – how did you get here? I suppose it was curiosity. Whatever it was, welcome to the world of Kibitzers. What is a kibitzer you ask? Well go use the Googles or whatever you kids do these days..

So I guess this is the part where I introduce myself. I am an Air Force brat with an extreme wide range of interests, stuff like this, or this, or this, and even that. I have two other friends who know a lot about nothing and care enough to write about it. So with that being said, you will find us posting just about anything that comes into our brains and it will be on here for your viewing pleasure, whether it be movie reviews, sports predictions, or just random news/facts – We’ll do our best to give you the scoop first.

So now with that aside, I would like to go into real posts. I leave you with a simple word that has kept me smiling through many a days… A HANDBAG?!


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